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Banana Republic New Recent Designer Dress Collection

These days every one try to find something which is bit different and perfectively suitable according to events or functions. So banana republic new designer present some extra ordinary dress collection for women.

Banana Republic New Recent Designer Dress Collection

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How is banana republic doing ? banana republic new creative director launches its new collection in autumn. Someone who is a little more modern, edgy, and more than we are accustomed to chicer, dubbed “The New BR,” a new type of woman in autumn Banana campaign. The new creative director, Marissa Webb, whose first collection will debut last year LOOKBOOK proliferation, responsible for the style, and its mix of boy-girl trying to take a look at each one.Our closets are good news, and the news is even better for our wallets.Webb layering her style inspiration and advice, as well as our exclusive slideshow with images of the collection of autumn Banana Republic.
Lookbook This style looks very different from the one we use Banana Republic … to feel what inspired the change?

I did not explore LOOKBOOK Banana Republic. He was just putting things together as I would normally put the outfit together, so it was very organic.
How would you describe your style?

My personal aesthetic is always high and low for a little girl and a boy with a bizarre mix. It is a modern, but at the same time, I am not a classic twist on the classic line, but I consistently entered the classical elements, as well as my own personal wardrobe, and it also looks like I put it together.
Lookbook all this “new BR girl.” Who’s that girl?

I think we all like the girl in the new BR. It is modern. He wants a new one. She wants to feel interesting and colorful things. I think this is a very strong sense of self, and she knows what she wants. It is quite clear, and it was so much ingenuity, the BR is a new girl. It is very independent, and he was brave as well. It is always interesting when looking for new things.

Do you have any styling tips you can share?

Since I was 10 years old, I’ve always been involved in the clothing boys clothes for girls, he was wearing, and thus, it is very natural for me it is. But others asked, “how do you wear a shirt, boy?” He does not physically have a man’s shirt. Just buy your clothes a couple of sizes bigger if you want to use cumbersome. Fortunately, it is well suited for a spur of the moment.
I went to the register to buy my jacket or whatever it is, and it is very large. And record a person says: “I’m sorry Wrong size I think you and I will trade down face kid..” And I, I like, “No, no, no. In fact, I want a very high proportion of the play, because I’m looking for.” So, again, it’s just not boxing itself, depending on the size and proportions to be willing to explore. And it may be men’s clothing. This can be a women’s clothing. It’s just a way of sizing, actually.

The reason why I strive for menswear on the way, it’s not … it’s a little more forgiving. I find this proportion is often where you would not normally find in women’s clothing.
Do you have a motto of style?

I usually mix proportions. My formula is a formula if you want to call it, I do not tend to wear tight fitting or wide trousers with wide. And I love mixing ratios. I love the combination of men’s clothing women’s clothing, so this is really my aesthetic. I decided to have a natural instinct for me every morning when I want to wear chunky oversized sweater, I’ll probably wear skinny pants. If you wear menswear trousers, slim with the letter I wear the top.
Your Banana Republic we see the first design, the summer collection, out in April next year. What do we want?

but, at the same time, putting a modern twist and go back to its roots and incorporate some of the elements and aesthetics with modern elements as well.

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