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Different Styles Of Blonde Bob Hairstyles

Go blonde Blonder and blondest thinking about this summer blonde bob hairstyles? Now is the time to do it. Britanny Snow, Ashley Greene and Anna Wintour have celebrities like Julianne Hough from the cluster of other colors, there are nuances and inspiring look at a lot of stars.

 Styles Of Blonde Bob Hairstyles

Blonde Bob Hairstyles with Ombre color



Ashley Greene sure knows how to stand out in her blonde hair. CBGB Music and Film Festival, Bob Greene lovely blonde look perfect. We love the delicate golden blond highlights in her hair wheat – radiant heating her skin tone. Combining Ombre bob in soft pastel makeup for a romantic look.

Platinum Blonde Bob


You want to make an important statement, Bob? Take ki Anne Gorke model in the show, which has a blunt blows and quaint, with platinum blonde locks showed a sleek bob. Oh, and how can we forget her bean healthy glow? Crucified.

Bright Honey Blonde

Bright stylish and chic, inspired by this retro waves, honey blonde Nicole Richie bright, it is all kinds of awesome sauce. Ombre-style show-stealing actress glossy flap in the shadows “is a flirty and feminine finish.

Bob with Sunflower For Blonde


No one was hurt easily chic blond hair better than Chloe Sevigny. This two-tone sunflower natural blonde with blue eyes strengthened, while maintaining the natural look of the hair glossy and healthy. To recreate this look, the combination of Bob minimal makeup and orange-red lips.

Bob Hairstyle Wheat Blonde With Darkened Roots


Wheat Brittany Snow tousled blond bob is perfect for his style elegant dark roots and, incredibly, to improve the color of his eyes and the skin that can be envied. Textures Snow shows off her bright blond bob haircut, hair color, and we love her long bangs, wore hand.

Light Ash Blonde Bob


Always fashionable, style, dancer Julianne Hough once again proves that it works well with light ash blonde with a flawless skin tone and looks against the coral. There is too clear, it is not gold asymmetrical shaggy bob with lots of texture and movement we love. Picture perfect

Dark Ash Blonde


Color dark ash blond hair season. Take inspiration from Anna Wintour, who looks great in his trademark Pageboy from Bob. Its perfect balance between light and dark shades of ash we love. And these attacks. They skim her cheekbones, eyes and her skin Peach increase in the flat.

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