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Boryeong Mud Festival For Korea Tourism

Boryeong Mud Festival For Korea Tourism. It is the festival celebrated in Summer annually at a town called ‘Boryeong’ in the month of July. The festival first started in 1998. The festival is listed as the top of the list festival by the ministry of culture,sports and tourism. In 1996,many cosmetics were made from mud taken from Boyreong so the town people started celebrating festival in order to promote the cosmetic products.

Boryeong Mud Festival For Korea Tourism

pictures of boryeong mud festival

The cosmetics are said to be rich in minerals useful for skin. Festival is attended by Koreans as well as westerns. the festival is celebrated for about two weeks. The sentence that simply describes this event is
“Fall in mud ,roll and have fun”

Festival’s primary purpose is to take you back to your childhood. The event has gained much of fame in just fifteen years and is considered most popular event that is related to getting dirty
People from all age groups attend the event.

photos boryeong mud festival

About sixty programmed are held based upon three categories. The mud from Boryeong flats is taken to Daecheon beach. Many large sculptures are created from the mud like mud pools, mud prison and slides. Mud obstacle marathon is also held. There is mud king contest and mud sliding contest. Muddy human pyramid is also made. Bodies are painted from colorful mud.

Musical bands perform on stage erected one beach. Famous Korean singers and bands like ulala session and dal shabet perform there. Competitions are also held on stage. There are mud cosmetic stalls on beach. Beauticians offer massages and other treatments using cosmetics made by using mud.At night,hip hope rave party and concerts also take place.

Other events include mud time character event and traditional rhythm of korea is also sung. Mud yatch snd mud parades are also held. Air force black eagle show and air force concert is also held. Citizen town square open concert is also held. The event ends with marvelous fireworks filling the sky with colors and light.

The event has already catches attention of international news channels like CNN . In 2007,about 2.2 million people attended the festival .In 2009,event got controversial when some school kids got skin rashes due to the mud.

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