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Butterfly Nail Art Designs for Beginners

Butterfly nail art we have to go after the manicure. It’s always a compliment to the hair and facial hair and face and clothing, and therefore, life goes on. Your office picnic buy new clothes; buy yourself a new hairstyle and a new season just to get the face of intense daily schedule to hide fatigue. This artist to take a day off to rest and maybe splurge your creativity, as sometimes happens in times of nails. Nail art is the subject of today’s well-kept little butterflies who love all the beauty of butterflies.

Butterfly Nail Art Designs for Beginners

Butterfly Nail Art Designs

Butterfly Nail Art Plain Jane Look

Apply a base coat on your nails start to move before any decorations. Jane called, looks like it is because of its simplicity and richness, which is determined by the appearance of smooth and still attractive. It should be a neutral color base coat of fine blue and black butterflies bring.

The Obsessive Flutters Butterfly Nail Art

That’s where it starts to look like a classic French manicure nail tips, which protrude from the rest of his natural self white. On the white, blue glossy tips to use to attract butterfly wings. Use white as the main color and a bit to fill the seats, and then, perhaps, a great design to choose between the two wings.

Butterfly Nail Art Ombre Project

Ombre nails you have to start where the natural nail color, natural color soft pass slowly. This transition is not a direct reason why strict Ombre is awesome. Now, with a soft base and apply the nail on the blue. Now add the black nails with a clear look at the design of butterflies and branches blocking.

The Perfect Dazzlers Butterfly Nail Art

Now it looks nail loud parties or girls night outs, if you have to use all that glitters, sparkles and ourselves is the ideal short-range light. It seems that the theme here is made of silver with blue and pink design. Black forms the outer side of each line, and two middle fingers in a sport filled with butterflies on them, while the two outer.

The Color Splashes Butterfly

It looks like a lot of drunk, but who says you can not have fun sober Colors and fun to mix colors together to form a number of these pieces is a beautiful butterfly. It starts with a pink base and then a sea of green, canary yellow and matte are created with a little blue butterfly.

The Pretty in Pink Butterfly Nail Art

If you do not see that much, and the results will look just awesome to work easily with your fingernails. Soft pink shade Pink Ombre and the rest of the sport to start the fashion for naturalness. Now, with a brush, to determine the white butterfly on a flower draw.

The Soft Blues Butterfly Nail

This is a cute butterfly pattern nail, where the tips of the nails showed a blue and white polka dots. But the index finger and the beautiful blue butterfly on the soft red flowers.

Fusion Mixes Butterfly Nail

This is a classic fusion of soft red and white, where a mixture of different patterns adorn each nail. The main component of red and white flight to the nail bed can be seen in small quantities butterfly.

Paint Me High Butterfly Nails

This agreement looks shiny black blues and white nail in the middle of the show is a colorful butterfly. And around the nail has white polka dots on black.

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