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Eyes Makeup Which Help To Make A Look Like Arabic Princess

Eyes Makeup Which Help To Make A Look Like Arabic Princess. Arabic Oriental makeup on the eyes, visual beauty and magic moments. As a result, a simple understanding of all traditional oriental women were hidden under clothing, one thing to keep in mind that beauty, you’re talking about the eyes of this girl.

Eyes Makeup Which Help To Make A Look Like Arabic Princess Arabic eye makeup for small eyes

Eyes Makeup Which Help To Make A Look Like Arabic Princess

Makeup tutorial for Big Eyes Small Eyes Arabic smokey

You want to feel like a Arabic princess? Makeup appealing to the east. Publications, holiday, party, greetings is appropriate.The article, entitled “How to make Arabic makeup”Arabic makeover involves the use of saturated colors or black eyeliner pencil, with an abundance of gold and crystals.Technique is not very difficult, but it is not expected in the case of five minutes costs.

Arabic Inspired Smokey Golden Eyes for girls

Applying makeup to the east of basic rules:

In the middle of the front side and all motions of the face, lips, eyes and eyebrows to match.

Use a black eyeliner pencil and black makeup (imitation antimony) – an essential element of the Arab makeup.

highlights broad or thin eyebrows – as it should be, but be sure to stand out. They made it clear, curved, slightly more than usual.

Since the focus of the eyes and eyebrows, but in other regions – namely, lips and cheeks – not very clear.

Beautiful Arabic Makeup Ideas for eyes

Of course, Arabic and Oriental makeup eye black, brown or green to dark blonde woman, however. But the blue-eyed blonde in Arabic style makeup to do it, but the use of appropriate colors.
Arab makeup device
The sole purpose of foundation and powder is applied to the skin soft, smooth and delicate to be. Otherwise, oriental make-up and skin imperfections flashy colors bright colors, to win more stress. Depending on the type of color tones and appearance of the selected organization. You make the rules the same as in Europe.

Tips for Arabic liner makeup

Shadows Choose eye color. Eyes tea brown, almost black, pink and blue are well insulated, purple, brown, copper, gold, yellow, green and all its shades. Green watery blue eyes, perfectly framed in silver, gold, pink and lilac shades in the shadows. It can be used in combination with other dyes, and each individual, but always with a thick black eyeliner.

Arabic makeup requires two colors of shadows, and the third may be less glare. Both saturated shadows or bright shade and quieter (gray, white, blue), you can choose from. Shading his eyes tightly folded, with the lash line to brow. First, a basic color – a minor, is a lighter shade of shadow. On the other hand, mobile, bright, dark, not necessarily black, around the base of the painting. The maximum intensity of the lash line and outer corners of the eyes to be, the request may go down or sideways on the lower eyelid, the eye-line expansion outward.

Natural arabic makeup Techniques for Pretty Eye Makeup
Also, under the shadow of the majestic lash line. Not just black, thick eyeliner, and arrows – Arabic makeup required elements. Close to the lash line, it will also be brought under the lash of the mucous century. Double Arrow, experiment with different forms – note how it changes the shape of your eyes. You just have to take a step back lash line – the future will be more evident. Arrows should be very clear and concise.

Applying mascara eyelashes – the final stage of each, including the Arab eye makeup. Painted eyelashes give expressive eyes. Upper fluffy and long eyelashes should be applied in several layers of ink stained with the bottom layer. Front immediately introduced a lighter shade of white to emphasize the hours of darkness. We will pay particular attention to the shape of the eyebrows.

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