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Good Lip Gloss & How To Put It On Your Lips

Lip Gloss you want a graceful appearance how can you neglect you face. you have a beautiful face then you able to put a wonderful impression on others. face can divide in three main parts first is lips, nose and eyes.

Good Lip Gloss & How To Put It On Your Lips

In Facial features lips play an important role to enhance our appearance. When you take lip gloss always try to buy a natural product. Normally we see that lip gloss with color shades look fabulous. Some girls have thin and some have thick lips. So they apply paler shade for thick lips and dark shade for thin lips. Take help from those who know some thing about the color shades.

Good Lip Gloss & How To Put It On Your Lips


After translucent lips gloss may be cracks visible on lips. it put bad impression. Use lip exfoliate at regular routine after removing gloss.it is the easy way to maintain your lips soft and healthy.

The outer line of your lips is little darker then lip gloss (Not so much). Lip liner help to make a proper shape of your lips after that it is much easier to apply gloss. Another advantage of lip liner that you can easily make your lips smaller or bigger as you like. If you want a big lips then draw a little wider line on other hand if you want smaller lips then draw a line inside.

How To Wear Glossy Lipstick


When you get a shape which you desire now time to apply lips gloss. Directly use tube to Apply it if gloss has natural shade. Some time the is little different shade then natural shade. So it,s look batter when spread evenly. For Put some drops on your lip and press both lips. If you wearing any lipstick then  you directly use tube for applying gloss…

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