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Halloween makeup ideas like sugar skull

On Halloween calaveras or sugar Skull makeup is an obvious choice for man and women. The event (Day of the Dead) on October 31st starts on the very same day. They are very beautiful designs that match the decorated sugar skulls take over Mexican holiday.

Halloween makeup ideas like sugar skull

If you are pretty good skills in makeup then your sugar skull designs play a good role in your Halloween costume. it,s also help to make your appearance amazing. Here you can find the best ideas of sugar skull makeup for your Halloween holiday.

Bloody Red with Spiderwebs


Kat Sketch present first tutorial of sugar skull. she just put bloody red art in average black-and-white skull Rather than adding countless colors, combining and blending. A bit of red color straightforward create an amazing DIY sugar skull.



If you have short time or you are getting more exited to finished your sugar skull makeup mask. don,t wried Ava Allan demonstrates a user of you tube tell that it is to necessary to cover your complete face. just focus on one side to make it beautiful.

Purple with Rhinestones


If you have a desire to put more creation on your sugar skull. no need to stuck with just makeup a you tube tutorial name goldiestarling’s show how to enhances your look by adding rhinestones around your eyes. Once you done your work such as petals leaves tears then dro rhinestones. Make sure to strategically place them, or you’ll end up with a spark-round to catch the eye to illuminate the night.

Super Colorful


Out standing look on Halloween if you have a desire of it. Fellow Lindsay Hancock on you tube there you fine some amazing sugar skull tutorial. These sugar skull tutorial are not like usual white and black. Hancock wear beautiful blue, pink and white and turned her sugar style incredible.

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