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Healthy Foods that Fight Against Acid Reflux

Acid reflux for general illness, which is still annoying malaise and nausea all day to leave. Heartburn, in general, to bring healthy foods to eat fatty or spicy stomach is difficult to digest. At the same time, these products can be avoided, mainly, there are other reasons that may cause heartburn, obesity, sedentary lifestyle and certain medications are host.

Healthy Foods that Fight Against Acid Reflux

Healthy Foods

In such circumstances, we are watching what we eat, to prevent and provide relief from acid reflux and goes a long way. More healthy foods, to learn more about the class or to prevent acid reflux.


Eat high fat breakfast very early in the day, caused by acid reflux. It is necessary to destroy the whole day for anyone. Meanwhile, breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, the focus is still filling the stomach is clear and should be eating. There is no fiber in oatmeal, which does not cause acid reflux and improves digestion is a better choice than your first meal of the day.


Ginger is easily your best friend when it comes to acid reflux. The use of a small amount of ginger not only to fight for acid reflux but gives relief from throat pain and heartburn caused by acid reflux.

Aloe Vera

Although widely known for its medicinal properties, it is well known, in fact, with a little aloe vera is very effective in treating acid reflux. Widely available as a potted plant, you can easily consume aloe leaves to deal with acid reflux or super store to buy liquor.

Leafy Green Salad

Simple green salad leaves in the fight against acid reflux can go a long way. To maximize its effect, as well as onions, mayonnaise, cheese, cream or tomato salad only aggravate the problem should be avoided. For example, a tablespoon of olive oil in the salad dressing can be added to taste.


Bananas can be easily crowned super star fruit kingdom. Easily one of the most widely available fruits, bananas are known for a wide range of health benefits. Now we can add relief from acid reflux registry. P.H 5,6, bananas godsend for people suffering from acid reflux.


P.H with the balance of 6.1, melons another exemption from acid reflux, but a small percentage of people it can be difficult to digest and melons should be avoided. Melon, watermelon and other fruits such as honeydew, are also known to fight acid reflux.


High on taste with balance 6,9 p.H, fennel is a healthy addition to your diet, when the ongoing problem of acid reflux in your life. Green and sweet, fennel can be easily added to salads, to help you with your fight against acid reflux.


If the bird is a chicken or turkey for acid reflux, is a comprehensive addition to your diet. Heartburn, while in front of the best cooked chicken or turkey, grilled or in a salad. Pan or preparation of spices very well exacerbate the problem and defeats the purpose of combating acid reflux without abandoning essential protein.


Such as fish, shrimp, lobster and other seafood varieties are safe to eat seafood and to help in the fight against acid reflux. Seafood is best grilled, baked or fried when working with acid reflux. Heavy spices in cooking or frying exacerbate the problem. It’s better than wild fish, farmed fish consumption for maximum benefit.

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