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Healthy Hair Naturally Through Healthy Diet

Healthy hair naturally through healthy diet. you have a wish to look adorable then healthy and strong hair play an important roll. Now a question is how to get a healthy and strong hair.

secret behind  strands, strong, shiny is not  expensive treatment from salon or use any kind of shampoo. Health of your hair depend on your daily diet. If your daily diet contain different kind of healthy food, it put a awesome effect on your hair growth. Much much more then you expected. For healthiest hair growth use these things to gain nutrients. Protein, iron, vitamin D, zinc, Omega fatty Acids.

Healthy Hair Naturally

diet for healthy hair to make it longer and stronger Foods which make hair long and strong Healthy Hair Naturally Through Healthy Diet

Eat red meat lean two time in week help to grow hairs fast then normal routine because red meet full of zinc and iron. People who are don’t like meet take lentils or soybeans with orange, orange consist on vitamin C. Vitamin C increase the absorption capacity to absorb iron.

Is Vitamin D suitable for hair health ? According to some different studies for growing healthy and strong hairs Vitamin D is a necessary factor. How can get Vitamin D ? some food and an other easy way to get Vitamin D is sun bath. The best time to take sun bath is early in the morning.

Protein is another necessary part of life and also essential for hair grow. Women must take minimum 46 grams in one day to build a healthy hairs. EPA and DHA both supplement are important for hydrated hair. So take fatty fish two time in week helpful to hydrated hair. For silky hair also use omega-3.

When we talk about egg it is full of protein and vitamin, especially vitamin B help to make healthy hair naturally. People who have some problem with egg they take 30mcg vitamin B supplement at regular base.

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