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Highlighted Bob Hairstyles For Women

Highlighted bob hairstyles to add a new dimension to your hair or go to bolder shade? Ah! How did you find us at the right time. Whether you’re a fashionista or trend, try one of the many highlights from the list below to transform your look instantly.

Highlighted Bob Hairstyles

Pink To Orange Ombre


Singer Katy Perry has upped the ante while the hot start Within’scelebrations debut ombre bob. Flattery angular bob, blunt ends disheveled Orange and pink Ombre look at all: Now that we love this look, let’s count. We have to look like a bad-ass here!

Light Brown Side-Swept Bob


Queen Letizia of Spain gives a playful twist to its stylish and elegant castles, nailing the perfect Bob light brown. Fashionable Red sandy brown medium-length hair in her sport and her skin look moist and paired peach lips.

X-Factor participant oxides striking ombre looks stunning in her long bob with bangs blunt with damping. Red splash of color to black spots in his hair, flowing, giving it the appearance of quirky and edgy style. If you plan to give you color your hair, keep the makeup simple look at the minimum rate.

Wavy Bob In Golden Blonde


Jennifer Nettles start a new hairstyle, and we’re big fans of this style! Singer argues that there is a golden blonde and wavy bob works well against lighter skin tone. His dark hair soft, golden ash blonde with blonde highlights we love disappears. Be sure to use a heat protection serum, to avoid breakage.

Wavy Bob In Dirty Blonde Highlights


Julianne Hough right on trend with summer blonde highlighted hair. Julie’s hair texture shows off the beautiful colors of cute choppy bob and bangs her side, that we love one shade lighter than the rest of the hair. The combination of dirty blonde mane of pure white shirt and an orange collar brooch make a nice pop of color.

Angular Bob In Brown Highlights


You want to make Ombre angled bob? Take the example of the sensational singing Ciara – who looks like he nailed this trend. Love Sex Magic singer Bob cheerful parted on the side of a dark brown to light brown ombre is easy to make off, so you have this kind of color Ombre double bet if you are thinking.
Bob With Soft Bangs In Chocolate Brown


Bob is known for its stylish and cool thing, Alexa Chung is our inspiration. Her soft blows, Bob has a long and healthy shine her chocolate hair that we love life. Play imitators Alexa and color your bangs a darker shade than the rest of the hair with a touch of romantic and flirty.

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