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Awesome Korean Short Hairstyles

Believe us about  Korean short hairstyles when we say this, “Korean hair is very difficult to draw any style.” You dare to disagree? Let us burst your bubble. To begin with, they have a very smooth texture, and then, very straight hair, and often comes resistance. In fact, there are times when even a high bun is a problem. So, you know, in this issue, we have to leave that up to ten Korean short hairstyles!

Awesome Korean Short Hairstyles

Side swept bob (Korean Short Hairstyles)

Side swept bob

Actress Han Hyo Joo, she knows how to make a bob with side swept bangs-allocated. The wedding ceremony, full of cute bob Joo kind of perfection. We love it sprayed in place the same warm brown tone of her skin, her side-swept bangs, accentuate the eyes. Pick Bob makeup soft, romantic look with minimal accessories and simple ensemble.

Smooth and sleek Pixie (Korean Short Hairstyles)

Smooth and sleek Pixie

Classy and chic – a glossy, this elegant elf, burgundy hair Kim Nam Ju means it as a true beauty. Characters and feminine finish, threw it attractive burgundy tint gloss pixie style, “she added, while the increase in long bangs with stunning eyes.

sleek Bob with Soft bangs (Korean Short Hairstyles)

sleek Bob with Soft bangs

Many sleek bob style Chang Yang We are better than the actor. The actress keeps her soft blows to the face, as we love, plus her natural brown hair strengthened their little brown eyes. It looks like a double, a combination of flawless makeup and pink lips Peach long bob.

Blunt LOB (Korean Short Hairstyles)

Blunt LOB hairstyle

Bob Styles of you have a terrific? Take actress Koo Hye Ki, who showed us how grown-up style of blunt bangs. Oh, and even make it up the hair clean and shiny. Total profits.

Asymmetrical undercut (Korean Short Hairstyles)

Asymmetrical undercut for girls

Asymmetrical and glossy core – Pixie Haircut change Ha Ji-won who we love. Ha Ji-won exactly the style that it is easy to style chic in a way, bangs on the one hand, and on the sides slicked back hair texture with ointment. South Korean actress paired her hair pink lipstick, minimal makeup and cat Flick liner.

Soft side parted Pixie (Korean Short Hairstyles)

Soft side parted Pixie

South Korean actress June Ji-hyun was elected to the minimal look. This hairstyle proves why Pixies so great: simple, simple style, and yet they all look great. Anti-frizz serum, flat iron and the light use hairspray to recreate this stunning appearance, and you are ready to go.

LOB beautiful bangs (Korean Short Hairstyles)

LOB beautiful bangs

One other famous actor long bob looks really fit. She volumised hair to make it look very elegant, and its side-swept bangs to further improve her delicate features. Just look is defined by a flat iron before spritzing your Hairspray strong short locks.

Shaggy Bob (Korean Short Hairstyles)

Shaggy Haircuts for Short Hair

One of our favorite looks, Tazz: High Rollers actress Kim Hye-soo looks sharp, striking shaggy bob. This stylish hairstyle, her side swept bangs with long, Kim’s face is very flattering – just sprinkle with hairspray and medium spike hair for a flawless look.

Pixie boyish (Korean Short Hairstyles)

Pixie boyish hairstyle

Your hair is short, it’s not too much you can do when it comes to aesthetics. However, the actress Kim Jung-ho, such as the spiky hair, short hair shows how to create a stunning look. Hard “to remove it, the actor, well-groomed and in her natural hair color adds extra oomph.

Polished, Brown Pixie (Korean Short Hairstyles)

Polished, Brown Pixie

Actress Choi Yong Ang Pixie shows how versatile it can be. By the way, slowly combing the bangs before the additional volume, it gives the appearance of color and texture – all the good things at the same time. Its absolutely amazing stylish makeup and hairstyle paired with pink pout.

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