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Macaron hair color trend and fashion To Go Crazy

Macaron hair color trend and fashion To Go Crazy. Hair Trends come and go, but one of the latest trends in hair color MACARON. There are so many different things that you can do with hair dye, where chic, there are many ways to create a fun, depending on what you want to see, but the hair stylist and colorist Gregory Shelley in his own style, “he called hair candy unicorn . ” Stylist Las Vegas Nevada studio cabin on the square, which drew inspiration and patisserie Ladurée Macaron, from which can be found in Paris.

Macaron hair color trend and fashion To Go Crazy

I remember how fond palette of colors,” Gregory said in an interview with Cosmopolitan. “Crown molding & the way they show all Macarons gets you.”

New hair color trend

Knowing where Gregory was inspired, you really see how he played in the execution process. By that time, it looks professionally made, variety of colors can enhance your appearance, giving a truly unique hairstyle. Your favorite palette looks great in any season, at any time of the year Macaron hair color script, because the opposition will look fabulous. Winter is the perfect season for the hair, however, as it will look stunning with the background of the snow, and you are often softer against the season. But I do not know why this variety, it is not limited in time.

New Macaron fashion & hair color trend

“It’s kind of Disneyland, where, as if by magic,” Gregory continued. “You have this feeling that I wanted to look at her hair.” He also received the ultimate goal. hair color trends MACARON can be done with any of the children and women inside. There is something so magical about the middle of the rainbow way up locks into place, and mysticism, which is sometimes so strong that it adds an element of lack of adulthood. Look at the girl looks in awe, and they will be grateful for adult women, if they can not swing.

Macaron fashion hair color trend

blue, mint green, purple, pink, peach, yellow and silver, “Candy unicorn hair” up to seven colors. Gregory was the first to introduce this opinion on the Instagram, and even expand their ambitions, he decided to set up as follows.

“You see a rainbow of hair, but it’s too much,” he said. “I wanted to be muted rainbow. And what a tasty treat!” This explains why he took inspiration from the Paris confectionery. And so glad we did, this hairstyle can be stunning. Women having fun, they are trying to escape pastel rainbow hair, Gregory said, but often lack a sense of the complexity to achieve this look. Use shades of pastel rainbow down effect continues to have a large number of unique colors.

Hair color trend

Macaron candy hair look amazing & brings a completely new level. that would be more than perfect hairstyle for a holiday party, you mark, and this is the perfect outlet to offer. It’s fun, it’s colorful, but it’s just not enough, yes. You want to look at the star of the party can be used, but at the same time, a simple day to run errands. Who knew that you can have all the fun and practical hairstyle?

But if you are looking for a fun look exclusively Gregory proposes to add luster to his roots, hair gel and glitter infused with a simple brush or using a blush brush, according directly.

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