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Italian Festival Delicious Orange Throwing

Italian festival Delicious orange throwing  .So many festival coming in year but so many peoples are waiting for the battle. it is not a battle fight with sword. in it peoples are gathered on a place and fight with oranges . just think about it Delicious oranges are thrown for every were.  THE BATTLE OF ORANGES is  a food fight festival in which organised groups throw oranges on each  other. It is celebrated in Iveria ,a city located in north of Italy. It is considered as the greatest food fights in Italy.

Italian Festival Delicious Orange Throwing

italian festival orange throwing

Although the origins of this events are not clearly evident but a popular account says that it is celebrated to remember  city ‘s defense against city’s tyrant. The tyrant king of city attempted to rape a common girl on the night of her wedding but his plan failed when girl retaliated and killed the tyrant ruler ,the city residents broke into the palace and then burned it afterwards.

Every year a girl is chosen to play role of  Violetta,the resilient young lady. The festival takes place every year in month of February on Sunday,Monday and Tuesday. It ends on Tuesday night.The town people are divided into 9 groups who represent the revolutionaries and they throw oranges at people who are riding the cart.

Delicious orange throwing festival

The people in cart represents the tyrant  and oranges are considered a weapon against the tyrant according the older ages. However ,first beans and then apples were used to throw at each other.

The some of viewers choose to sit in the buildings which are wrapped with net.Some enthusiastic spectators sit in battle field and they wear a red hat  called barretto frigiro which signifies that they are not included in fight.  According to older traditions ,bonfire is also set up.The event ends with march which concludes the event.

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