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Ideas Of Party Makeup Which Make Myself Perfect

Ideas Of Party Makeup Which Make Myself Perfect . Key to beautiful make up is that it looks natural. Talking about the foundation, add a few drops of face oil to liquid foundation to give your face a  glowy look. This would give you more even finishing look and base can be applied smoothly.

Ideas Of Party Makeup Which Make Myself Perfect

For foundation that stays up on your face for whole day ,apply powder before liquid foundation.For the eyes makeup, the first step is to apply vaseline and then swab it with cotton. Now you can apply eyeliner and eye shades and it would give you more glossy and natural look,and remember beauty is what’s natural. There are three different kinds of eyeliners;liquid eyeliner,pencil eyeliner,gel eyeliner.

Eye liner should be applied in accordance with your eye shape. Winged eyeline should be for round eye shaped girls because when you wing your eyes along the sides ,it give elongated look that’s looks nice.For small eyes,apply eyeliner on top only,this will give a widened eye look.apply eyeliner on inner rims if you have small to medium shaped eyes.

Apply thicker and winged eyeliner for hooded eyes. To give much wider look to eye,use double winged technique ,this will draw double attention to outer sides of lids and give a more open look to eyes. Now talking about the lipsticks,decide makeup according to lip shape,if you have thicker lips,use lipstick shade that doesn’t contrast with your face color.

For thin lips ,use brighter and vivid colors to make lips more prominent,but not colors like purple and brown as they are much darker colors. Do the makeup that suits you ,not that makeup that suits someone else.

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