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Perfect Braided Hairstyles For Prom

Prom! This is a great night and closer to the horizon! After the discussion, you finally find the perfect dress for you. But, you spend a lot of sleepless nights pondering over your hair. If you want to put it in a bun to show your backless dress? Or do you want to flaunt his cascading hair? These offices, but cross your mind, your corrugated pigtails, but the school is still fresh in the memory you will leave on Wednesday.

Perfect braided hairstyles For Prom

Perfect braided hairstyles For Prom

Side-Braided Puffy Hair With Textured Curls

It looks like a romantic dance, adding volume to the roots of your hair. Perfect braided hairstyles Now, juicy, long layers of texture and folds behind the ear with bobby pins to secure the side cash.

How To Make it

Volumizing products work through the hair.
Part the hair and on the crown of braids and hair pins.
Barrel irons with large, free style curls.
Hairspray and finger comb your hair to separate mist.

Loose Waves With Waterfall Braided Side Sweep

Perfect Braided Hairstyles waterfall braid jazzing your prom look can be a great option. Join her golden blonde waves on one side and on the reverse side of the waterfall ride to the cashier. Finally, secure the loose locks.

How To Make it

Use of the bulk product to the hair.
Using a rectifier, add a little shake the end.
The deal to create volume and smooth hair.
From the branches and twisted.
Fat and pin braid and install hairspray.

Long Middle-Parted Wavy Hair With Twin Braids

How do you think your long hair in a bun style perfect prom look is the only way, then you are wrong. Keep the center-parted super long loose wavy locks, braiding hair on the front hairline separated the sides and secure with bobby pins.

How To Make it

Part hair in the middle.
Jobs Volumizing product to damp hair and scrunch as you dry.
Section crown and the French braid hair cross the two sides.
Kos together and attach them back.
Finger-comb hair and side scan.

Tight Half Braided Ponytail With Embellishment

Smooth your squad, Ombre hair is long and well-netting from the middle of the back. As you reach the neck, attach elastic braid and ponytail. Now, using a hair accessory to hide the elastic.

How To Make it

Adding glitter to work with the product in the hair.
Straighten your hair braid look more polished.
Hair piece into two parts.
Of the screw on the outer side to bring each other inside and repeat on the other side.
Keep alternating until you get to the back of the head.
To gum and fine letters.

High Tight and Messy Fishtail Braid With Flowery Top

Perfect braided hairstyles this high, braid Fishtail unique semi-circular shape with a section of the upper and lower parts of the flower can be opened by pulling it gently. Dark brown hair and light brown highlights a little confused finish in style just the right prom.

Side-Braided Textured Curls

On one side of golden hair and a big curly texture to make it end. Now, the smaller section of the braid and safely on the back, a free-flowing locks with bobby pins.

How To Make it

The ointment is applied to wet hair and part of the side.
Starting with a short part of the church, a French braid hair, secure and cover the back of the lock.
Curler using the average barrel, structured curls.

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