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Remedies Which Help Full For Oily Hair

People who has oily skin also have the problem of oily hair. Due to excessive oil of scalp our hair become weaker and dull. Another cause which is occur is dandruff and dandruff play a vital role in hair fall. Washed your oily scalp to keep it clean. In some cases we need to clean oily scalp every day because it release excessive oil. If there is oil on the scalp more then our scalp need then girme which is harmful for hair attack. these girme clog the hair follicles and hair starting fall.

Remedies Which Help Full For Oily Hair

Before doing the treatment of oily hair it is necessary to know facts why excessive oil come. It result because glands of skin produce more oil due to hormonal fluctuations. Another reason is the insufficient rinsing of shampoo. Here are few remedies which help full for oily hair

Juice Of Lemon, ways to get beautiful hair

Juice Of Lemon, ways to get beautiful hair

If we talk about minerals and useful vitamins then how can we forget lemon. Lemon have the ability to make your hair healthy. Lemon juice protect the skin from excessive oil. Take a lemon of normal size if available. i think lemon is easily available every were. squeeze a lemon and juice of lemon mix in water and then apply on scalp locks. Wait it for twenty mints and wash it with warm water. It is first remedies which help full for oily hair.

Use Mint For The Treatment Of Oily Hair

Use Mint For The Treatment Of Oily Hair
Mint leaves an oily hair removal products are used. A few mint leaves are boiled in two cups of water for 15 to 20 minutes. Make a mixture after maxing it with shampoo and use it to wash your hair. Normally we use as astringent properties things to remove oil from skin. So no need to spend more money on different expensive thing because mint has all these properties. Use of mint for treatment of oily skin is natural remedies to solve this problem.

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