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Stacked Bob Haircut make you look Wonderful

Stacked Bob haircut looks nice on all type of hair. However, it is a very beautiful haircut for hair that have lacking volume. For Thin fine hair,short stacked bob when we cut look stylish. These bobs also perfect on women those have wavy hair. A stacked bob can be make on a blunt hairstyle bob. However, to catch the attraction this style with the current trends you can pick an inverted style stacked bob, and accompany it with some stylish bangs. if you add little bit of hair color streaks it make your hairstyle even more beautiful and unique. Drafting head bob highlights and emphasizes the facial features of your neck look more at the same time. Here are some tips for cutting and styling hair, you need to know before you go to the prepared bean.

How to Cut a Stacked Bob Haircut?

The first shampoo for cleaning hair. You can also use the air conditioner. Then towel dry the hair. It is important that you do not completely dry, it should be kept wet hair, reducing their. Wet hair is easier to cut, you can keep a spray bottle of water next to you, in this case, your hair becomes dry.The bundle drawn bob back of the head so it is very well done, but nothing is the crown of the hair look thicker,This means that the upper layer of the hair retained shorter and longer cut gradually.Before layering in the crown of your hair, you need to decide to shorten the length of the hair and style.If you want to go in reverse compiled bean, and then cut her hair short and long sides of the neck to neck. Cut to make your look more elegant, you can keep an unbalanced hand.

However, if you want to go for a simple cut, a simple blunt cut or ‘U’ shaped cut. Remember that you naturally wavy or curly hair is wet cutting, cut hair longer.Due to the growth of curly or wavy hair after the hair is dry. After cutting the length of the ends of the hair and happy, it’s time to cut your hair to accumulate.To do this, he decided to crown the length of the shortest layer. Then start to cut their hair in more layers. For larger volume, more layers cut.However, if you do not already have a good amount for your hair, and then stick to the bottom layer. After this part, and monitor their hair. Stacked Bob Haircut bangs to go, the front part of your hair and comb wet.In order to decide on the length and style of bangs. In the style of Cleopatra bangs, if you want to go straight, then cut the hair near the eyebrow level. Haircut with bangs, which is discarded, the front part of the content at an angle of 45 degrees, the slope of the scissors and cut it.

Curly Stacked Bob Haircut

If you want your hair to add more volume and bounce, then consider styling. You can just curl all the hair to thin hair. It will be fun and shaggy style.But, in this case, a little more if you want a romantic look, then down to style your hair soft fine hair in half. There are several ways to style curly hair.If you want to get a well-defined curls use a thin, small-sized rolls. Soft thin hair curling to get the product to be used as a serum for hair or sea salt spray and scrunch your hair.

Adding Highlight and Lowlights

Some add more style to your new hairstyle, hair color, you can consider these ideas. People who have thin hair highlights and lowlights can be taken into account. This is all the more so that the texture of the hair and elegant.Blond color or lowlights shades dark shades of brown can go. Highlights for the platinum blond or lighter shades of chocolate can be. Brunettes copper, honey, wheat and ash stand can go.

Maintaining Your Stacked Bob Haircut

Styling and Bob to keep it very simple. After washing hair, hair. Because the layers are designed to take care of that in the fall, the part of the autumn.Then comb the hair. Keeping your stacked bob, from a stylist to get a cut every 3-4 weeks, you will need depending on your hair growth.Your hair highlights or lowlights to avoid go out early, so as not to expose them to the sun. You can also use care products for hair that are made specifically for colored hair.

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