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Sugar Skull Makeup Step By Step Tutorial

Sugar skull makeup when we think about it different ideas come in your mind. Day of the Dead or Dia de Los-Muertos both are this name of a Mexican holiday in the world. November 2, two days after All Saints’ Eve, families visit the graves of their loved ones and offers ofrendas– dead, marigolds, alcohol mezcal or pulque, M. de Muerto (bread of the dead, including the accumulated building altars), fruits and nuts , tissue paper decorations and sugar skulls. There is often the citizens of the city, the procession through the cemetery musicians and performers dressed as skeletons and skulls of sugar produced in honor of the dead. In today’s tutorial, we will learn how to apply sugar skull makeup.

Sugar Skull Makeup Step By Step Tutorial

sugar skull makeup step by step tutorial sugar skull makeup

Apply a base of white cream over the entire face, leaving the area around the eyes, where you will fill with black. Kryolan Aqua-color, I recommend you do as much as I used to buy dry or clown white or cream make-up, as usual supermarket Halloween crack at you. Furthermore, it is much easier to coat. Expose the foundation with a brush, I applied several layers until smooth and opaque eyes, and then Ben Nye Super White powder heavy sets.

Paint in big black circles around the eyes and on the nose a sort of upside-down heart-shaped, imitating the shape of the nasal openings in the skull. My Wolfe Brothers FX palette, which produces high-quality water-activated set of face painting is really reasonably priced, I used to. Kryolan Aqua-colors any other person paint or liquid / gel liner, you can use a little bit, but I would not recommend it. Set or matte black eye-shadow.

Apply your chosen color eye shadow around the eye holes. Has Pigment Cosmetics brights I used a bright palette of pink. Then I added a deeper shade of fuchsia, where he is responsible about the deepening dark pink and then mix everything together and using a fluffy brush to clean the edges of the diffuse color.

Paint your face / liner liquid / gel, using a liner, draw the outline of your lips over your teeth. An inch or so, I went on my lips side by the teeth, and a thin black line bisecting the contours of the teeth more hid it from my lips. I thick painted in black contour on each side to represent an open hole in the back of the teeth and jaw.

Add jagged edges around your teeth, nose holes and eye cavities. Fill the cavities around the black eyes, the ones I later because I do not follow a few gems and do not want to have any gaps in color, but the ones around my nose and I was amazed at how I set to be by the shadows for this century.

Use a small eye-shadow brush detail, it picks up his gear color. This is something that is complementary to the color you choose for your sugar skull makeup to look best– try something directly to your color wheel, or maybe a triadic color scheme, the main color (three colors equally spaced from each other on the color wheel ).

Your liquid liner / gel liner / black face paint over small brush, add a small detail in the face. I said that my chin and added a flower scrolls the contours of my face (cheeks & chin) areas. Other traditional decorations diamond chin area or cobwebs. Get creative and make your face shape and personal aesthetic work!

Instead, as our ordinary person with brown contour cool, bright, cheerful colors that we will use it! Hooray! Cheeks (I used a dark purple) Start with a darker color at the bottom, then mix a little lighter color just under (fuchsia in my case), and below (pink) in the easiest. Try a combo of blue and green to yellow to red to yellow or orange; All floats your boat.

We use the same technique on the bottom half of the face (the circuit, and then, using shade and shadow color eye), a spider (or diamonds, or nails or whatever your little heart desires) we are going to use to draw on his forehead. Web below I chose to extend my nose in a cross. Then I used the same technique in the shade to contour my face on the spider at the bottom of a deep purple and pink top I used to mix. I also use the black eye-shadow brush teenager tiny details in the shadows under the spider lines to add more depth.

Pointed tweezers, gently lowered vehicles the store I bought a flat-backed gems that I (in-board stores or eBay too many options) in some dark ton of eyelash glue, waiting to get tacky (30 seconds), and my Scalloping applied to the face around in my eyes. I alternated my pink and purple Favorited (I am a little nutty in the store household goods and precious stones of different colors, such as 5 to buy) because it is.

All dry, dust translucent powder to each other (RCMA No powder color FTW) and sprayed with a spray as the film’s settings once Ben Nye Final Seal. False eyelashes are not shiny or colorful waving his non-appearance against black. In sugar skull makeup finishing touch with colorful marigolds crown is excellent.

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